Kumoricon 2018!

My First Booth

Kumoricon 2018 was my very first convention, and I'm happy to say it was an awesome experience, and I was just able to make back the money I spent (with some merch leftover so I'll be set for my next con)!

Thank you so much to everyone who purchased from me! It was super encouraging and the confirmation I needed to continue as an artist.

I'll be putting up the spare merch I have for order on my store soon. Just working on getting some nice photos of them to put on display. To those waiting for the shipment of the charms that was late, I will be shipping them out shortly! I was going to send them out today, but realized I wanted to add more little stars to give them more character :D

Thank you to MintandApple--my booth neighbors--and Harululu for reaching out and making my first con comfortable with their friendliness! I look forward to working with you guys more, and I'm so happy to be friends now!

Gifts from Yuki <3

Super SUPER big thank you to Yuki (MY FIRST FAN???) for bringing me your own merch and sweet card Q_Q My sister and I were SOBBING YOU'RE TOO SWEET!

Also big shoutout to Carolina, Haley, Helen and Hannah for being my helpers! I couldn't have done it without you guys!

And of course, a big thank you to my person for encouraging me to go in the first place <3